Join us beginning Tuesday, November 1, for four personal and inspiring sessions that share the information you need to thrive in midlife.

Because it’s a time of certain change and reflection, midlife is also a time of opportunity – one that whatever your choices lays the foundation for the rest of your life. These live, online sessions share insights and practical advice that will help you live your best life – now, throughout midlife, and beyond. Please join us and women all over the world as together we dive into the impact of changing hormones; gain insight into the ways that diet and exercise can support feeling your best; candidly discuss sex & intimacy; and explore why genuine connection is the key to finding fulfillment and purpose.

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Dr. Stephanie Faubion

Perimenopause & Menopause: A Survivor’s Guide

LIVE: November 1

Join author, Director of the Mayo’s Clinics Center for Women’s Health, and medical director for The North American Menopause Society, Dr. Stephanie Faubion, for a 90-minute conversation and Q&A exploring the impact of perimenopause and menopause on women’s health.

From Hormone Replacement Therapy to vaginal/breast health to osteoporosis to heart disease, we cover what you need to know to successfully navigate this time in your life.

Jackie Giannelli

Laying it Bare: Optimizing Sex & Intimacy in Midlife

LIVE: November 8

Join ANCC board certified nurse practitioner and member of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) in a 90-minute conversation and Q&A about sex & intimacy in midlife.

We will cover the impact of hormones on a women’s body and libido, as well as different strategies available, from supplements to supplemental hormones, to help women have the sex and intimacy they desire in midlife.

Kelly LeVeque

Feeling Better Longer: The Keys to Achieving Your Weight and Energy Goals

LIVE: November 15

Join author, holistic nutritionist, and celebrity health coach, Kelly LeVeque, in a 90-minute conversation and Q&A to discover proven methods for achieving your weight & energy goals.

Learn why dieting is not the way to achieve optimal health; how focusing on fat, fiber, protein, and greens can help you achieve your weight and energy goals; and how daily movement all work to make you feel great and support not only your hormones but the rest of your life.

Kristine Klussman

Connection & Purpose, the Keys to Living the Life You Desire

LIVE: November 22

Join health psychologist, researcher, and author, Dr. Kristine Klussman for a 90-minute conversation & Q&A discussing how deep, authentic connection to ourselves and others is the cornerstone of a grounded, fulfilled life, and purpose driven life.

In this conversation we define connection, how to develop it with yourself and others and how to use it to identify purpose and meaning in your life.


Thriving in Midlife: Menopause and More